I spent the whole weekend watching girlsdoporn

I spent my whole weekend doing nothing but watching porn. I’d have to say it was time very well spent, I couldn’t picture anything being better…unless of course I was living the videos instead of watching them. It’s crazy how much different stuff there is out there, anyone can find what they like if they look hard enough. I have this thing to where the more I watch, the more crazy or random the stuff is I choose to view. This weekend though I found something different, something better, something real. I viewed a clip of a cute little 19 year old blonde chick with an amazing ass getting railed for the first time. The girl clearly had never taken any sort of dick like that before and I really enjoyed watching her loose her innocence before my eyes. This got my attention so I started exploring the site, girlsdoporn where the video was from. These guys have a very impressive line up of girls, hundreds of them, all first timers who never went pro. The casting directors need to be nominated for some type of award, all the girls are dimes they seriously have beauty queens and flawless college girls. I felt like I was picking girls out of a line up at a high school graduation. I enjoyed my Sunday watching sweet little 18 yr old sluts take cock and swallow loads of cum. Streaming through this site I was loosing my mind trying to choose between big tits and bubble butts. I feel that this will now be my strongest vice, I can’t picture ever giving it up. I noticed too, that they actually care about what fans think because they bring all of the favorites back for a second or third video…talk about customer service.